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To share stories and adventures of women who have "IT" from all over the world.

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Global Girl Life serves the global communities of women and young ladies all around over the earth. It is intended to be a safe place to share your journey through life, whether it be travel experiences, soulful explorations, adventures, hardships, career changes, new accolades, and provide a place where giving back to others is a priority.
The GGL Founder,
Shannon Rizzo is a social entrepreneur, eco-adventurist and travel enthusiast! You may already know that if you’ve checked out her websites or follow her on social channels. She has a great time traveling the world and sharing my adventures including all of the people she meets and their stories.
The most dear endeavor to Shannon is to help you live the life you want… she wants you to live a life full of your own adventures and share them with others who have not yet gotten there.
Shannon Founded Global Girl Life to help you define what success is for yourself and then put into action the steps it takes to create a life that you love!

We encourage women to release fear and step out from behind fear and shine.
Our mission is to share stories and adventures of women who have "it" from all over the world.  The “it” doesn’t have to be an importer, travel blogger or even an entrepreneur like you and me. She can be a woman who is the leader in her church, a mother of two, a CEO of a large company, a college student, a woman reinventing herself at any stage of life. All of these women have more than one thing in common – they are go-getter’s and they are looking for life balance and freedom that they want to create for themselves and others.

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