20 Inspiring Fempreneur Podcasts to Keep You Motivated in 2020


Note from Angie House,

Global Girl Life - Editor in Chief

Global Girl Life is a community of women driven to connect with people across the globe to inspire travel, promote non-traditional work modalities, and empower female voices.

In recent months, during the apex of COVID-19, we turned to our podcasting friends to help keep us connected and get us through the day.

Between stay-at-home orders, travel bans, quarantines, and our many business pivots

-- we found solace in podcasts.

Podcasts enrich our lives by opening our minds to new perspectives. They inspire, inform, teach, entertain, and most importantly CONNECT us. They provide us space to think, listen, and learn.


Here are 20 female lead podcasts that helped us stay motivated, inspired, and grounded through the apex of the coronavirus threats.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Table of Contents

(alphabetically listed)

  1. Adrienne White | SHE’S SO COOL

  2. Alyssa Hammond | The Wealthy Fempreneur

  3. Angela Mastrogiacomo | The Story Behind the Journey

  4. Bridgette Rooks | The Entrepreneur Lifestyle

  5. Dana Drahos | CREATORS IN SAIGON

  6. Fran Moore | Becoming the Lender

  7. Hayley Payne | BE THE GIRL

  8. Heather Markel | The Inspired Nomads

  9. Meaghan Lamm | Feminist Visionaries

  10. Melissa Leger | Gumball Love

  11. Mica Mackenzie | Talking Nonsense

  12. Natalie Thomas | Global Travel Channel

  13. Olivia Powell | Slaying Your Side Hustle

  14. Pascale Côté | Change Your Latitude

  15. Sarah Hunt | Messy Luminous Being

  16. Stef Iliff | Just Talking

  17. Suzie Clark | The Remote Edition

  18. Taryn Raine | Embracing Human

  19. Taylor Lorenz | Happy Tracks

  20. Taylor Nick | Pretty Please


Adrienne White | SHE’S SO COOL

Adrienne White is the founder and CEO of Fempower Media, a female empowerment media network dedicated to inspiring women to embrace who they are, love themselves fiercely, and pursue their dreams.

She is the host of SHE'S SO COOL, a female empowerment podcast that includes narratives about famous influential women, interviews with female entrepreneurs, and mindset episodes about psychosocial phenomena that typically impacts women. Adrienne started She’s So Cool in January 2019 because she was looking for a specific female empowerment podcast about women’s struggles on their way to success.

Adrienne interviews strong influential women who are pursuing their passions in life and encouraging other women to do the same. Her guests share the really raw truth of what it took for them to get to where they are in life. They discuss their self-love journeys and how it led them to overcome challenges in pursuit of their dreams.

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Alyssa Hammond | The Wealthy Fempreneur

Alyssa Hammond of Wealth with Alyssa is a money and mindset coach who guides female entrepreneurs to empowerment through mastering their money, attracting income with ease, and creating sustainable wealth. She is host of The Wealthy Fempreneur podcast. She believes her life’s purpose is to help women become financially empowered so they can use their money to change the world.

The Wealthy Fempreneur is a space for women to learn about leveling up their money and business while staying in flow with the universe. The podcast covers money, mindset blocks, spirituality, sisterhood, and building a business that allows you to make the most money while enjoying life to the fullest.

Alyssa created the podcast to fill a gap in knowledge that she noticed within the industry among women in their 20’s and 30’s who had their own businesses and needed somewhere to go to learn about money mindset and strategy in a light-hearted way. So, she recorded the lessons she’d learned on the way to building her own six-figure business, and the podcast was born.

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Angela Mastrogiacomo | The Story Behind the Journey

Angela Mastrogiacomo is the host of The Story Behind the Journey podcast, where she goes behind the scenes of her own business, as well as interviews guests about their entrepreneurial journey.

The podcast offers an insider look at what it really looks like to start and grow an online business, including the wins, the failures, and all those beautiful moments in between. It makes for a raw real look at entrepreneurship.

Angela strives to connect with others around topics that we all deal with, yet rarely talk about, such as how to overcome struggles, mental blocks, and daily frustrations. Her goal is for entrepreneurs to create a business they’re excited to wake up to every day!

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Bridgette Rooks | The Entrepreneur Lifestyle

Bridgette Rooks is the CEO of Cre8tive Vibes and host of The Entrepreneur Lifestyle podcast.

Her mission with the podcast is to help aspiring entrepreneurs turn their dream of entrepreneurship into a lifestyle. It takes a complete mindset makeover and the implementation of new routines to build a strong foundation for your vision. Entrepreneurship is not only a journey. It’s about creating a lifestyle that will guarantee the growth and development of a business that makes money doing what you love.

Entrepreneurship is portrayed as an amazing and beautiful lifestyle and anyone can do it. Over half of the best business ideas fail before they begin from this one simple mistake. So many see the glamorous lifestyle and make the mistake of jumping head first into design instead of spending time building a foundation first.

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Connecting with podcast guests is about sharing stories. When you share your story, others can relate and don’t feel so alone. You are the expert in your own story.”

Dana Drahos is an American expat, currently living in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. She is the creator and co-host of the CREATORS IN SAIGON podcast.

In this podcast, Dana and her Vietnamese co-host Lam chat with creative entrepreneurs in Saigon (both expats and locals) about creativity, purpose, passion, healing, living intentionally, sex, and much more. They uncover their unique journey to finding their creative passion and all the bumps along the way. The podcast isn’t just for people living in Vietnam, they talk about life lessons that anyone could benefit from learning.

Dana created a platform to share the stories of people who decided to break out of society’s mold and blaze their own trail. She encourages people to go outside of their comfort zone and express their creativity.

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Fran Moore | Becoming the Lender

Fran Moore is a Virtual Assistant and podcast host of Becoming the Lender. Fran started the podcast in January of 2019 after realizing she and her husband were in debt over $90k and had no clue what to do. She is passionate about ensuring more people have access to financial education and business development.

Becoming the Lender is all about taking your current financial situation and turning it into a life that you desire. Fran believes that with a lot of faith and financial literacy, you can do all things! Everyone’s journey to financial independence is unique, but Fran’s hope is that sharing her and her guest’s stories will inspire others to start early.

The podcast began as an accountability tactic for paying off debt and creating a financially free life. The show evolved over time and she realized one major key to financial freedom is to start a business where the amount of money you make is completely up to the individual.

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Hayley Payne | BE THE GIRL

Hayley Payne is the creator of the women's empowerment community, The Daily Pretty-- a community and online platform for women who are showing up, stepping up, and realizing their true worth and capabilities.

She is also the host of Be The Girl podcast, covering topics relevant to women across career, entrepreneurship, business, health and fitness, nutrition, spirituality, mindfulness, and relationships. But primarily it is all about harnessing your inner power and abilities to be the girl who decided to go for it.

In the show, she gets real about how to realize your goals, dreams, and aspirations through conversations jam packed with real life experiences and provides relatable and actionable advice from women who are living it and want to share it all.

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Heather Markel | The Inspired Nomads

Heather Markel is the travel blogger of Heather Begins, and podcast host of The Inspired Nomads. She started the podcast a year and a half ago because she wanted to inspire people over 40 to pursue a life that makes them happy while they're still young enough to enjoy it in a way that doesn't ruin their future.

On the surface, The Inspired Nomads podcast and Youtube channel is about full-time travel, yet on a deeper level it's about inspiring people over 40 to live the life they dream of, instead of the one they've been taught they should live. She discusses how to afford a life you thought you couldn't, how your life changes when you pursue what makes you happy, and bring more normalcy and motivation to people that are further in their career to make big changes without being so afraid that they'll ruin their future.

Heather strives to show that full-time travel isn't just for youngsters, nor is it anywhere near as expensive as you'd think! Her guests share many epiphanies as a result of plunging into the unknown and going against the societal grain.

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Meaghan Lamm | Feminist Visionaries

Meaghan Lamm is the founder of Inspired Solutions Co., an operations management agency for womxn entrepreneurs. She is a business strategist, certified Online Business Manager (OBM), and host of the Feminist Visionaries podcast. She supports womxn in up-leveling their businesses and creating more income so they can create more impact.

The Feminist Visionaries podcast is a no-holds-barred look at the intersection of feminism and business-- sprinkled with Meaghan’s own thoughts about feminism, business, patriarchy, and more-- plus interviews with feminist visionaries who have created movements, changed culture, and built legacies. This podcast is a deep dive into the seen and unseen ways that patriarchy shows up in our lives and businesses so that we can smash through those barriers and create real, lasting, meaningful change in the world.

She is passionate about having more conversations with womxn in business about how we can use our businesses as forces for change. Meaghan believes we live in a society where money talks and as womxn, our money has something to say.

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Melissa Leger | Gumball Love

“My favorite aspect of podcasting is making connections with guests. There is nothing better than knowing you have made an impact on someone else’s life.”

Melissa Leger is the creator and host of the Gumball Love podcast, and the Back to You Academy. The community was established to help women get over past relationships, discover their true worth, attract healthy love, and live their best lives.

The Gumball Love podcast evolved from a combination of Melissa’s community, private coaching clients, and social media direct messages of women sharing their stories and journeys with her. The podcast was her solution to respond to questions in a more intimate way, like a phone call with a friend-- an intimate conversation you have in private that allows you to walk away feeling nourished and inspired.

Melissa is passionate about women really learning they are already enough right now! Her hope is for women to discover who they are and really start to love themselves so they can attract the love they are worthy of having-- not only in romantic relationships but in family and friends as well. She helps you learn how to draw the right boundaries to lead a happy and healthy life.

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Mica Mackenzie | Talking Nonsense

Mica Mackenzie is the CEO of QN Media & Marketing company, and Founder of The Quiet Nonsense blog that birthed the Talking Nonsense podcast.

The Talking Nonsense podcast focuses on interviewing small business owners, bloggers, influencers, and features lifestyle discussions with the QN team members. The interview topics are largely focused on the creative processes, personal experiences, and advice they like to give others in their field of business.

Mica started the Talking Nonsense podcast with her team in 2019 because she wanted to create opportunities for small Dallas businesses and creatives to have a voice and get their names out in the public eye more. She really wanted to give local artists and business owners a platform to speak on.

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Natalie Thomas | Global Travel Channel

Natalie Thomas of The Now with Nat is a travel blogger and wellness advocate, currently based in Medellin, Colombia. She is the featured co-cost on The Global Travel Channel's Wellness Series that recently launched in May 2020. She is passionate about spirituality and mindfulness, and has been practicing mindfulness since 2012.

The Wellness Series airs once per month, where Natalie and her co-host share health and mindfulness tips, bio-hacks, how to eat well on the road, and colorfully sprinkled with some crazy travel stories as well. The show helps you discover how to ditch unhealthy habits and reduce travel anxiety by integrating nutrition, physical moment, mindfulness, and meditation. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile-- this show provides the health tips and tricks you need to hear.

Natalie talks about how to connect back to yourself, and why it's so important to put your well being first. Loving yourself opens you up to both giving and receiving more love in your life. She learned how to integrate wellness and travel through living in foreign countries, from backpacking weeks at a time, to long flights, prolonged travel days, to traveling for work.

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Olivia Powell | Slaying Your Side Hustle

“Podcasting is such a beautiful platform because you can connect with people on such a deep level at a global scale.”

Olivia Powell is a Business Strategist & Podcast Performance Coach, currently living in Australia. In her Facebook community, she empowers female entrepreneurs and ambitious beauties to start, grow, and monetise their podcast and business so they can design a life of freedom that they absolutely adore!

She officially launched the Slaying Your Side Hustle podcast in December 2018. The podcast started as a creative hobby but quickly morphed into a full-fledged business and self-empowerment tool. It became a means of helping, educating, empowering, and connecting with women from all over the world who wanted help.

After a two year long messy ending to an unhealthy relationship, Olivia had spent a lot of time discovering what happened to her as she felt she had really lost her voice not only as a woman, but as a person. Once she figured out how to nurture and heal herself from the toxic relationship-- she realized there must be other women around the world just like her who were going through something similar. So she decided to be courageous, grab a microphone, and use her new-found voice for good.

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Pascale Côté | Change Your Latitude

Pascale Côté is a business coach for freedom-seeking entrepreneurs. Her coaching approach is centred around freedom-- the freedom to express yourself and your truth, freedom to choose who you serve, and the freedom to spend your time doing what you love.

Pascale started the Change Your Latitude podcast in September 2019 to help listeners see that changing your life is possible. Listeners are invited to look at life and business from another angle by discovering how fascinating people have chosen to live differently. Guests share their own experience in navigating the ups and downs of redesigning their lives: whether they’re doing a 180, becoming nomads, living the van life-- they all chose an alternative way of living.

She is fascinated by people that have the courage to reinvent themselves, go against the grain, and become their authentic self. They all have very different stories but share one thing in common, they stepped away from the traditional mold and went all in to design a freedom-based lifestyle.

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Sarah Hunt | Messy Luminous Being

Sarah Hunt is the creator and host of the Messy Luminous Being podcast. She teaches meditation and yoga, however with two wonderfully wild boys at home to mother-- her life looks nothing like a yoga retreat center, so all her work is about how we can weave spiritual wisdom and practices into a beautiful messy real life.

The Messy Luminous Being podcast seeks to understand how we can think of spiritual practice as something that happens within life, rather than in a retreat. In the show, Sarah talks to other female yoga teachers, meditation practitioners, and spiritual seekers about how they find ways to adapt their practice to busy real life. Her main goal is to peel back the curtain on what women’s spiritual practice really looks like, whether practicing with young kids in the house or in other challenging life situations.

For many years, Sarah experienced a divided feeling between her spiritual practice and her everyday life. The tradition of buddhist meditation and yoga gives us practices that require quiet time for stillness, relaxation and reflection. However, her life with two little boys and all the busy stuff of modern life made being alone and quiet for any length of time nearly impossible. Over the last decade of her own practice, she muddled through and adapted her mindset as well as when and how she practiced in what she called “messy real life.” It is her continuing journey of incorporating meditation and spiritual wisdom into the messy realities of our lives.

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Stef Iliff | Just Talking

Stef Iliff is the creator of the Just Talking podcast, as well as a self-love and mindset coach.

She started the Just Talking podcast in 2019 to discuss difficult topics for women to open up about, such as: self confidence, self love, body image, addiction, divorce, mindset, entrepreneurship, and motherhood. She helps women bring out the raw feelings in every topic to help her audience learn how to get real, how to deal, how to feel, and how to heal.

She strives to help bring awareness, help women step out of fear, and find their inner power, their self-love, and confidence. She wants to help give everyone the tools they need to believe in themselves, see how capable they are, let go of fear, find self love, and step into who they were destined to be.

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Suzie Clark | The Remote Edition

Suzie Clark is an expat from London, currently living in Bali. She spent six years working in corporate sales roles in London including the largest Investment bank in the world and a San Francisco fintech unicorn. Despite these being quite impressive jobs to a lot of people, she always felt like something was missing. After some soul searching, she decided to quit her job, start a podcast, and move to Bali to explore the world of remote work.

Suzie hosts The Remote Edition podcast and Youtube channel, where she interviews and shares stories from founders, freelancers, digital nomads, and various others from the world of remote work. They discuss how they transitioned to working online as well as share business and career tips.

She is passionate about remote working opportunities as it opens up so many other possibilities for travel, more time with loved ones, or just being able to spend more time on hobbies. She wants to help more people take advantage of this amazing way of working.

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Taryn Raine | Embracing Human

“Connection means vulnerability. It’s a willingness to be open to showing the parts of yourself that normally you’d want to hide. Noone is perfect. It’s our imperfections that bring us all closer together. When we admit our flaws, we can be our authentic selves.”

Taryn Raine is an Anxiety Coach and a traveling yoga teacher of The Remote Yogi. Her podcast, Embracing Human, was created to remind you that you are NOT broken, nor in need of fixing. You are beautifully human. There is a power to self acceptance while on the journey to feel better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

In the show, she discusses topics on mental wellness, building confidence, breaking free from taboos, and chipping away at the limiting beliefs that just make us feel crappy about ourselves. Having delved deeper into the world of yoga, neuroscience, and personal growth-- Taryn saw a common theme with everyone she spoke with-- they felt ashamed of their humanness, of the messy, vulnerable, and not-so-perfect parts of themselves. It’s been her mission to change that way of thinking.

Taryn started Embracing Human as a way to change the conversation in how we see personal development. There’s a common sales method used that tries to convince people that something is wrong with them and that there’s a magical solution to their problems. She heard a lot of this type of language throughout her life, primarily based on a false belief that she was broken because of her mental illness-- depression and anxiety.

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Taylor Lorenz | Happy Tracks

“One of the most important aspects of being human is connection. A connection to oneself, a connection to others and a connection to some kind of higher power, whatever it is that you believe in, are all essential for us to feel whole. Without connection our lives often lack meaning, happiness, joy, bliss and love. Simply put, connection means a feeling of wholeness.”

Taylor Lorenz is the travel blogger of Taylor's Tracks, who was living the dream life-- traveling around the world, and making a full-time income doing it-- but was far from happy. She turned to personal development and spirituality which helped her find her true purpose, passion, and voice.

Her podcast, Happy Tracks takes a deep dive into finding happiness and connection. Taylor loves teaching women how to reconnect with their mind, body, and soul to regain their self-trust, love, and power.

She’s passionate about using sensuality and movement to connect with oneself more as they both make you feel more alive and in touch with your body and senses. By connecting to your mind, body, and soul you become more self aware, you learn what you need in order to feel whole, happy, loved, and fulfilled. She believes the more you start radiating that energy, the more people and opportunities will start falling in your lap.

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Taylor Nick | Pretty Please

“When you take the time to connect with another person, you realize how similar we all are; that we each just want to be seen, accepted, and loved.”

Taylor Nick is a hairstylist and makeup artist, and host of the podcast, Pretty Please.

Pretty Please podcast empowers women to rise above society’s impossible image standards and uncover the inherent beauty they already have inside. Beauty is more about feeling good than looking perfect. Her hope for the show is to help create a future where all women support each other to be their truest most beautiful selves.

The podcast started from conversations with everyone she met, asking questions about their thoughts on inner beauty. She chatted with country artists, pageant queens, photographers, roller derby girls, recovery counselors, spiritual leaders, and more.

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