COVID-19 Response Letter from Global Girl Life Founder, Shannon Rizzo

Hello Fellow Global Girls!

May this message find you in good health and safety all around the world. I hope you are staying home, staying safe, and staying well!

I have been experiencing all the broad range of emotions since COVID-19 began, and the word quarantine became a household topic. I can’t help but think of a life of the greatest appreciation for our fellow human beings and for the gift of travel.

In my heart, I know we will all get through this and we will be kinder, more spirited, and focused global girls! Look out world!

March was a whirlwind of a month!

For me, the sadness of losing a large part of my physical neighborhood on March 3rd due to a tornado that swallowed up middle Tennessee was incredibly devastating. My community dispersed to safer places to live while everything was being repaired. I had just rented out my house in downtown Nashville, Tennessee a month before the tornado demolished 50 percent of my neighborhood. Thankfully my house, renters, and neighbors were spared. So fortunate!

Then a week later the COVID-19 pandemic exploded across the US. I have been quarantined to the house boat I was staying on with my boyfriend. The quarters are tight here and space is a commodity.

I dream of the days when we can travel freely again, when we can hug each other without pause, eat street food safely, make new friends in person, and eat and drink with them in remote villages all over the globe.

As the days pass, some days I sit and dwell on the status of this pandemic and our current global affairs. Other days, I wake up cool as a cucumber ready to tackle the day. Either way, I wake up knowing I want and can help. So I get up and get to work!

I’ve decided I am going to start planning for the day when the quarantine measures are lifted. Let’s look forward and start planning to make a difference, and be the wonder women of the world.

Here are a few creative ways to get involved, give back, and start healing-- Global Girl Life style!

✅ Global Girl Life Education Program -- 2nd Annual

I will provide a link with all of the details on how you can help and get involved by bringing your community skills to the table! This will be a Volun-tour trip you can join in or just raise money from wherever you are!

  • Destination: Roatán Island, Honduras

  • Date: January 2021

  • Uniform fundraiser & Distribution

  • Additional details will be released in April

✅ Praise Purse Project

I will provide more information on this with a sharable link, We will be spreading joy through colorful purses filled with girlie things to survivors of the Tennessee Tornado. I already have a storage shed full of purses donated by others here.

The Praise Purse is a coping project for women who have anxiety and major stresses. I am combining this from my coaching program along with the distribution to build confidence and remind them of their internal beauty and resilience.

  • Destination: Nashville, TN, USA

  • Date TBD - after quarantine measures are lifted

  • We will assemble Praise Purses with special notes and distribute

  • My personal downtown bungalow will be available for rent that weekend for 8 global girls max capacity. Details to follow.

  • Additional details will be released in April

✅ MyndBody Experience

You’ll get energized, refreshed, motivated, inspired, and re-focused to achieve all your goals. We will do workouts, yoga, freelancer branding consulting sessions, and have some fun in the Cenotes!

  • Destination Tulum, México

  • October 7th-11th, 2020

  • All about you, me, fun, and health!

  • Additional details released in April

✅ New Online Support Community

I also started a FREE online support community for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners. If you are a freelancer, sole proprietor, or regular Jane with big ambitions and dreams-- you need a supportive community to tap into. Especially now!

Join the new group! Level Out Community with Shannon Rizzo meets weekly from 6 -7pm (CST) every Thursday on Zoom.

✅ Importing Healthcare Essentials

I have also used my 15 years of experience in the import industry to make connections to start importing face masks to help protect the workers in the field that are trying to control the pandemic.

You can be a global girl in so many creative ways-- even from the comforts of your own home. Stay cool, stay home, work safe, work smart, and join me to start planning for these future projects to make a global impact!


Shannon Rizzo

Global Girl Life Founder


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